Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Color That Started it All

As I walked into another local barn sale, this was sitting right in the front, and before I even looked at anything else, I grabbed it and gave it to the lady for safe keeping. I knew it had amazing potential, though it wasn't really my taste...initially.

I went against my instincts to paint it a light color and decided to go back to the color that started it all for me...the color that years ago, sparked my interest in home decorating...

It's been so long since I have gotten out my red can of paint! But I am so glad I did. And I knew the black contrast of the chalkboard would look much as I liked this piece as a mirror.

My son, Danny, had a great idea as to how we could use it. He said I should use it to write the numbers of my favorite TV shows since I am always asking him what channel everything is on. So that is what we did!

And it looks like Curious George was cooperating for the photo shoot as well...with his red background and all...

This was one of those projects that I got excited about immediately. It almost seemed effortless from the very beginning to the final touches.

Don't you love those projects where you can't even believe it is turning out as good as you anticipated...and you think..."Wow, this is really me working the paint brush?"
(and sandpaper of course.)

And yes, I am a weather geek and really do watch the Weather Channel for entertainment.
If I wasn't busy painting all the time I'd probably take up storm chasing.


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