Wednesday, August 10, 2011

91 Years Ago

I just happened across this postcard for sale on Ebay a couple of weeks ago.
It was dainty, yellow (I love yellow), and a buck and a quarter.

After it came in the mail I wasn't expecting it to have been a used postcard.
I think that meant more to me than the pretty picture on the front side.

It's kind of hard to see in this shot, but it says,

"Dear Mother,
Della was out last week.
Said you were sick.
Hope these few lines find you better.
Be over soon.
Love and Kisses,

And it was postmarked Febraury 21, 1920.

I just wonder so much about that little story in this pretty postcard...
Things like...

Did Mother get better?
Are Della and Bessie sisters
I wonder what kind of relationship they had?
How long was it since Bessie saw her mom?
Was she really planning to come visit her soon, or was she just being cordial?
What kind of relationship did Bessie have with her mom?
How sick was her mom?
Did Bessie ever wind up coming to see her?

And then I think, wow...Bessie, Della and her Mom are not alive right now.

So much to ponder...

All in a little pretty postcard for a buck and a quarter.


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