Monday, August 1, 2011

An incredible free gift!

A couple of weeks ago I was looking at a blog of a newly decorated kitchen. The room was filled with a matching white hutch and table set and it was so soft and beautiful. White hutches especially have always caught my eye. I think because it reminds me so much of my dream the house Forrest Gump's Mom lived in. Cozy, simple, a place to go for rest. I recently wrote a little about my thoughts on that in this post from our family blog.

So, the very next day after seeing that beautiful white kitchen set and thinking to myself,
"I wonder if I will ever have a kitchen like that? Wouldn't that be cool?"
I found out a friend of mine was giving her white hutch and table set away...
...for free.
God is so good to lavish me with His kindness.

My friend, who was giving me this furniture at no cost, really loved these pieces. I will treasure them especially because of that. She is in the process of moving to a smaller place after caring for, and losing her young husband to alzheimers.

She has shared with me in the past some very precious stories about they met...she, a waitress, he in a band, and how he would come into the restaurant to see her and how she initially acted like she wasn't interested.

How he struggled at the end of his life...wanting to play his guitar so badly, but the disease he had would not allow him to play like he could in the past.

Listening to her speak of how God was working on her own heart was always incredibly encouraging to she was the primary caretaker for her husband during his long years of suffering before she would say goodbye to him.

My Mom and Dad came up to help us move the hutch and table from her house to ours on Sunday. My mom was so amazed that my friend would give away such a beautiful set like this for free. It reminded me of what Gospel love is. And how because of that we as God's children will love each other like the way my friend has loved me in blessing me with the gift of these beautiful pieces....

I love the feminine curviness of this table.

A picture of my Grandma's front door.
Pretty purple flowers wrapped around the old black railing.
My Sis took this picture.

Painted the handle of this silver serving dish and now it fits right in.
It was dark and 'ewe', just like much that I find and wind up painting blue.

Love the softness of this plate. And the little red flowers.

I found this old wooden drawer and really liked the uniqueness of it. I wasn't sure what I would do with it until I got home and found the perfect place for my white and ivory button collection.

I have started collecting old vintage pearl necklaces and earrings. Buttons too.
They give a pretty touch to things.

On top of the hutch, I placed an old red barn board my mom gave me that was from my Grandpa's old barn.
I am not going to do anything with it yet, and just keep it as it is.
I placed a silver serving tray (thrift shop find) in the center of it along with an old iron pot holder trivet. The center of it was broken so I took it out completely and dolled it up in blue. I was going to use it as a frame for a photo but I like it here on it's own.

What an incredible gift!


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