Monday, August 1, 2011

A little of this...a little of that...

Some new living room and kitchen furniture moving in yesterday meant I had a little rearranging and painting to do yet today.
Oh darn...

This lamp was evergreen and dark brown. I decided to paint it ivory to match my new hutch.

I added a little pearl necklace from the thrift store to the lamp and colored this black framed picture of my mom as a baby, red.
Seems red is creeping it's way back I really thinking Christmas already?
I love Christmas decorating.

Yellow and fun.

The baker's rack had to go in my office. There was no other place for it.
I really love that I can look at it though while sitting at my desk.

The top of Grandpa's old wood burning stove stayed put...
it has a home here for awhile I think.

I replaced the mirror that was on top of the rack with this new favorite painting.

And Grandma's buttons...gotta have them visible and in a place to really enjoy.


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