Friday, August 19, 2011

My First Investor

As with any new business, it is always wise to have an investor, right? Someone who is willing to take a risk on you.

Well, today I found my first investor. It all started about a month ago when I was at my favorite Thrift Shop. I saw this table. I knew it had some great potential but it was priced a little higher than I was comfortable spending. So I let it go, hoping someone else who appreciated it and it's potential would soon find it.

Fast forward 3 weeks I started wondering about that table. Was it still there? Had it found a home?

So after some hard thinking on how I could afford to purchase such a piece, knowing I could surely sell it again and make a profit, I decided to call the person who might be able to help me. It was none other than, my Dad. After explaining my story, he happily agreed to front me the money to buy the table if it was still there. My first real investor.

I heard somewhere that it's important to have people supporting you like this when you are starting out. It really is no surprise that my parents are the first ones (next to my hubby) standing behind me.

Thanks, Dad....

I initially thought that this piece would just need a few light touches and some freshening up. But after bringing her home, it was becoming obvious to me that she needed a new look to really capture the attention I wanted.

I thought that the top of the table looked a lot like a stall door in a barn. And with the Christmas shopping season coming up and all the rich colors that go along with that, I picked red. It seemed most appropriate.


And after....

I also heard somewhere, Miss Mustard Seed, I believe, that sometimes it might hurt to let go of a piece, but it's just part of the business. This is certainly the case with this pretty barn red table. I wish I had the room to keep her.

But I picture her in a big kitchen or dining room somewhere this December...filled with trays of goodies and presents...and people all around laughing and glasses clinking.

That makes me happy just picturing it.