Wednesday, November 16, 2011

It's always Christmas time...

I admit it. I love Christmas decorations. So much so, that I am often on the lookout for the first store to put up their Christmas items. It gives me permission to go ahead and dig out my boxes of red and green goodies.

This year is a little different though. In an attempt to sell our house last Spring, we shipped many of our storage boxes down to my parents. Including all of my December treasures. Or should I say, November and December treasures. I had a little of this and that laying around though, and went to work a little bit to spruce up the place.

In the process I decided to get the paint out and make a few stocking stuffers....

Chalkboard plate and bottle.

Because a lot of my greenery was unavailable, I went outside and pruned a few evergreens. I just can't touch them anytime soon or those needles will fall. These are tucked away nicely, though.

I love decorating on the outside how I should be feeling on the inside all of the time.

It's should always feel like Christmas morning in my heart when I think of the day
my Rescuer came.


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