Friday, November 18, 2011

1 + 1 = A Fabulous Combo!

First Find:

I was so excited to put two of my most unique finds from this past fall in one spot together to make one fun and cozy vignette for us to enjoy this holiday season.

In October I found these amazing cubbies at an old Country Junk Sale nearby. I don't think I ever bought a more filthy piece. But it was so worth it.

After some cleaning, more cleaning, and some screaming after a couple spiders popped out on me to tell me to get out of their home, I was finally able to paint the outside a warm gray, distress it again, and stain the inside of the cubbies. Who would have thought that old wood would perk up like it did.

My Grandma's old buttons and canning jars are inside.

Second Find:

I found this fireplace molding at an antique store. I have always wanted a fireplace, so it's fun to at least have the feel of one in our house now. I was so excited when I measured the cubbies and found it fit perfectly inside the molding. The boys think I should put some flickering orange lights behind the cubbies. We'll see...


  1. fabulous cubies! 'FAMILY' -- you made it or is that an old alphabet block? lovely and your tag line too :)