Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Books...books, and more books...

The one thing I always keep my eye out for when I visit a thrift shop are old books. The older the better...and the color is important too. Even better if the title is unique. In some cases, it will make or break a sale for me.

Typically, I find them for just a dollar or two...

...and some for even less...this Tom Sawyer edition for instance, was marked at 25 cents!

Books are great fillers. A few here and there can really warm up a little space in the house. I typically stack them as color coordinated as I can. I especially love neutral colored hard covers. They are just so pretty anywhere...but throwing in a little unexpected color can be fun too.


In my bedroom I tend to keep the newer books. The ones I still want to read, or the ones that really impacted me...you know, the 'life changer' books.


But a motto of mine is that when it comes to decorating...it really is okay to judge a book by it's cover.

And it's fun to go shopping for books in that way, when you can.


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