Thursday, January 12, 2012

Conflicting Personalities...

Something I think I like even more than Christmas decorating (and I LOVE Christmas), is the decluttering of the holidays when the first week of January hits. This year has been especially fun as the weather here in frigid Minnesota has been in the balmy 50's! It almost feels like we have gone from Christmas decor to Spring cleaning.

It's really tough being an MPD. (Multi Personality Decorator). Part of me craves being a minimalist, wanting only the basics sitting out and letting simplicity speak for itself. The other part of me wants to go and find, and collect, and decorate as much space as I can.

Having a small house, and 5 kids, means there has to be a balance. So I have been finding vignettes are a big part of how I decorate. Just a few small spaces, full of fun and pretty stuff, that is often changed up to keep the collector in me satisfied, and the minimalist in me happy and content.

My next post I hope to chat a little more about other challenges in decorating with a small budget, and a small home. I am finding more and more, how possible and fun it really is.


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